Saturday, October 27, 2012

Snickers on Vacation
     Snicker is on vacation in New Hampshire this weekend.  She is at a condo where she is the only cat.She is able to have free reign of the entire place.  She loves going outside and chasing the leaves, being a couch potato on the living room couch and chasing a ball down the hall.  She is happy as an only cat  She is currently curled up on the couch , purring softly and once in a while opening an eye to check that we are still here.  While one of her owners was sound asleep on the couch, she jumped up and went to sleep on his stomach. I think she has found heaven in New Hampshire.
Snickers a Taste of Freedom

       Within the past two weeks we have been able to get Snickers out of the bedroom and down to the first floor.  She is exploring the rest of the house but with the attitude that she is like a scout for a military operation.  She is very cautious and skittish and slowly moves from room to room smelling and exploring.  On one of these outings she went near a sliding class door that exits on to our porch.  She seemed to be enjoying looking out this venue when all of a sudden she took off  as fast as she could heading for the bedroom on the second floor,  Well whom do you think she saw at this window but Coty who had been outdoors for his morning constitutional.  Oh well, we will try again.
Snickers Update 
Snickers is still having a tough time at home.  One of the other residence cats has become a sentry and when in the house lays outside the bedroom where Snickers resides.  Both Snickers and Coty poke at each other under the door.  Snickers gravitates towards the door when he senses the other cat.  As soon as the door is open though she hisses at Coty and takes off and hides under the bed.  This is probably an every other day occurence.  Both my son and I have tried to hold each others cats in our arms and just introduce them but Snickers always hisses and ends the encounter my scrambling out of my arms and hiding under the bed.  Still no release for Snickers

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In jail

Help!!  Recently my cat had to make a move.  She had been an only cat living in a house in Belmont with  a family who adored her. Now she has moved into a home that resembles a hostile.  In this house are six adults, one child and two male cats named Baxter and Cody.  Although the male cats get along with each other, they greeted Snickers with hisses , growls  and try to pin her down.  This behavior has caused my wonderful cat to retreat to our bedroom where she sleeps, eats  and plays.  She will refuse to come out even when the other cats are outside and will not cross the threshold.  It is almost like there is an invisible forcefield preventing her from coming out.  Help!  What can I do to help Her?

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